New casino battlefield is an old one

The newest battlefield in the fight to bring more casinos to Pennsylvania is actually an old one, writes Amy Worden in the Inquirer today:

Today, amid heightened efforts to protect vulnerable parts of the [Gettysburg] battlefield and restore other areas to their original condition, preservationists see a new threat on the horizon: a proposal to put a resort casino in an aging conference center a half-mile south of the Civil War battlefield on the storied Emmitsburg Road.

The latest proposal seems destined for the same protracted fight that derailed a similar plan five years ago. And with Foxwoods being left high and dry again (this time by Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn), it hasn't been a good month for casino developers — or the politicians who promised a bite out of unemployment and a bump in state revenues from an expansion of gambling.

At least we can eat a burger underneath a creepy mosaic of Emeril at Sands.

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