Motherless projects

Maybe I'm hopelessly naive, but shouldn't one condition of a project receiving funding be that someone own up to introducing the legislation?

One mystery is who put the project into the budget in the first place. The process is controlled by legislative leaders and the governor.

Tuma says that the Guv didn't do it. An aide to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dwight Evans says that Evans "never heard of it." Corman says that he didn't do it and doesn't know who did.

Republican Sen. John Rafferty represents the district where it would be located, and got a $500 contribution from Greenfield last year. He says that it wasn't him, and adds, "In this economy it's certainly not a project that should be at the top of the funding list."

GOP Rep. Tim Hennessey, who also represents the district, said that he did not sponsor the project, either, and doesn't know who did.

Rep. Mike Gerber, D-Montco, chairman of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, is a longtime friend of the Greenfield family, and has gotten at least $3,250 in contributions since 2004.

Did he do it? "I am supportive of it. And I weighed in in favor of it during the process," Gerber says. He says that he hasn't solicited Greenfield for House Democratic money but "it's possible he'll be a contributor."

Greenfield and family also gave to other lawmakers, Democratic State Committee and the Chester County Democratic Committee.

So who put it in? Maybe it thumbed a ride to Harrisburg, ambled up the Capitol steps, found the right closed-door meeting and hopped into the bill.

That's from John Baer's column today about a proposal for the state to put $20 million toward a luxury/spa hotel. To be fair, it doesn't seem like a guarantee that this will happen. If no one wants to even own the thing, doesn't that seem like a pretty clear sign that it shouldn't?

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