Morning Money: On parade

City officials are sitting down today with leaders of the city’s ethnic parades to try to work out a compromise on the fees they now have to pay for having an event in Center City. Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez arranged the meeting.

Speaking of enterprising council members, a Pittsburgh city councilman has written letters to top officials in other Pennsylvania cities pleading that the cities unite to support a reform agenda during the governor’s race. He wants to push for solutions to rising urban budget deficits.

Pennsylvania political watchers have long said that a key to reducing the cost of government is for different cities and counties to share services. Well, it looks like an attempt by Lehigh and Northampton counties to do just that is on the rocks, according to an analysis by The Morning Call.

And hey, service cuts to balance Philadelphia and Pennsylvania’s budgets may have been controversial, but Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is using cuts to bolster his standing among Republicans for a possible presidential bid.

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