Is there really a deal?

Commuters park in the city-designated "SEPTA Strike Parking" zone early Thursday morning. ( Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer )

Jamie Horowitz, spokesman for the TWU, just told us that a press conference being held at the Bellevue this afternoon will not include an announcement of a final deal between the union and SEPTA:

Progress is being made, the union is preparing a counter proposal that will be sent over via Congressman Brady. If the counter proposal is accepted by SEPTA, then the board is in place to vote on that. The other thing they will be considering will be if they feel comfortable enough with the agreement to ask people to return to work immediately or if a member ratification vote will be held to approve it as well.

There are one or possibly two votes that have to happen before trains start running. The big thing right now is if SEPTA accepts this counter proposal.

We'll update you when we know more.

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