Impeach Rendell?

A group of central Pennsylvanians, unhappy with the budget impasse and cuts to social services, has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Led by Waynesboro bookstore owner Mike Kohler, the group has started a petition calling on the General Assembly to impeach Gov. Rendell.

“State services are disrupted. Who does this hurt?” Kohler asked NBC-25 TV of Hagerstown, Md. “The citizens of Pennsylvania.”

Kohler and his friends are angry that, as a result of cuts to social services, a local homeless shelter and the Scotland School for Veterans' Children have been forced to close their doors.

The petition will soon be available at On the Road Books in Waynesboro.

Angry Philadelphians who don’t want to make the three-hour trek can sign an online petition here.

In response to the effort, Rendell’s office suggested that, instead of trying to impeach him, the group should spend its time convincing the General Assembly to go along with his budget plans. Wonder how long that’ll take.