Howl of the day: Who should pick up the leaves?

The changing of the season brings with it a minor annoyance: the influx of leaves. Now that the Department of Streets is no longer providing mechanical leaf collection, user "macman2" has a cautionary post:

For those of us fortunate to have a lot of trees nearby, we are getting swamped with leaves. Now we learn that the street dept will not do curbside leaf collection anymore. I know the money is tight, but I have news for you - people will still sweep the leaves in the gutters and it will end up clogging the storm sewers which will be even more expensive to clean up. I advise you post dates for leaf collection again or be ready to clean it out of the storm sewers.

According to 311, the Streets Department will still collect your leaves -- but only if you compile them in brown paper bags. (If you use plastic bags, you will be issued a violation and fined.) Personal leaf collection -- is it too much to ask? Or is it a worthy change? Tell us your thoughts.

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