Howl of the Day: Community snow removal?

The snow isn't quite done with Philly yet. With that in mind, user "RetArmy" has an idea for the Streets Department on how to clear smaller city streets:

I have a suggestion that may work to clear the smallest of the small streets in the city such as: Manayunk, and S. Philly of massive amounts of snow. 1. The city could purchase snow blowers that block captains could borrow from the city when there is a serious storm like the one we just had. The block captain would call the Street Dept to request the blowers, the Street Dept would deliver the blower to that block and the block captain would sign for it. They could be shared between 4 & 5 blocks with the block captains of each block working together. 2. Post some type of large water tight containers or bins on these blocks that is filled with salt, and locked. The block captains would have access to these locked containers for the purpose of clearing his or her block during the winter season and then removed in the Spring.

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