Howl of the Day: Why are the reycling guys taking my trash?

User "an00" has a few complaints for the Streets Department, specifically the folks who pick up his recycling. The question: why are the recycling guys taking my trash?

For the last several weeks the recycling folks have been taking a bag or two of my trash in addition to my recycling. The trash is all in white, 13-gallon, kitchen garbage bags and the recycling is all in a blue recycling tub. I understand that recycling isn't as profitable as it used to be, but they aren't trying to pad the volume with trash, are they? Either way, I would think that separating trash from recycling later would only cost us more. I also wish the recycling folks wouldn't throw the bins in merely the general direction of where they found them. They are often between parked cars or in front of steps blocking the sidewalk.

Recycling bin in your way? Or is your trash disappearing too? Let us know.

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