Howl of the Day: Police advise resident, 'get yourself some guns'

James Beale is a friend of mine and a former colleague from City Paper. He is also the victim of two(!) recent robberies, and the recipient of some bold advice from responding police officers. He posted about it on City Howl:

Last Saturday at approximately nine at night my graduate hospital apartment, located in the 17th police district, was robbed. Some one (or ones) entered my window off my side balcony, grabbed a video game system, complete with games and accessories, and left. Realizing what happened, my roommates and I soon called the police. They arrived fairly quickly, politely told us they couldn’t do anything, filed a report, and left. “A detective might call.” The officer told me, his tone suggesting that they would not. They didn’t. The following Wednesday, again at roughly nine at night, someone(s) (re)entered, this time through a window off our top level deck. While my two roommates watched TV maybe twenty feet away, the perpetrator grabbed a laptop and a wallet and hurried out. Again Philadelphia’s Finest arrived quickly, again they took a cursory look at the scene and again they politely shrugged their shoulders. This time, however, they had new advice: “get yourself some guns.”

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