Howl of the Day: Parking Puzzles

Someone's got another bone to pick with the PPA. This time user "mattdrex" is confused about restrictions on residential parking zones. He says:

As a center city resident, I have a real question for the PPA. I have a zone 4 residential pass. Roughly speaking I'm allowed to park between Locust and South from 15th to 7th - but let us focus on the blocks between Broad and 15th from Spruce to South. Spruce St between Broad and 15th - no parking (too close to the Kimmel). Pine St between Broad and 15th - half zone 4, half 2 hour meters not zoned for residential parking. Lombard between broad and 15th - all zone 4 parking. South between Broad St and 15th - although you can park on either side of the street, it's all zone 1 (not 4 like the others). So it's frustrating that for some reason I can park along Pine, Lombard and even parts of 15th St - but not South between Broad and 15th. I could go on with questions about a lot of blocks like that (South between Broad and 13th, 13th between Spruce and Locust, almost all of 12th street, Spruce between 13th and Broad, the last four spots on Lombard before you reach broad). So, why aren't those places zoned for residential parking? It's certainly a residential area, they're definitely in zone 4, and there's not a school, firehouse, hospital or police station on any of the blocks I mentioned - if it's metered, why wouldn't it be zoned residential as well?

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