Howl of the Day: Leaks in the Water Department

On Monday, we launched “City Howl”, a site where Philadelphians can review city services. We've been getting a lot of great posts, so keep those reviews coming! I wanted to take a second and highlight one of the best ones posted today.

Our “Howl of the Day” comes from user Dixon, who has a beef with the Water Department. Check out his comment:

The Water Department - this may actually be a review for the Water Revenue Department - has a website but as my wife can attest, it does little more than let you know that the department does, in fact, exist. Numbers listed are often busy and the link to "Pay Bill Online" is broken (and would only be slightly less useless if clicking on it brought up a box that told you to stand IN line at the Municipal Services Building.) After spending so many millions to update the computerized billing system and then spending it again when the first update didn't work, you would think that cost would have included a better web-based customer interface. Water Department... sorry if this review is misplaced but the failure of your revenue arm just stinks up all the water. (And can I give a zero stars?)

Has anyone else had the same problem? How did you deal with it? Chime in below or visit City Howl!