Howl of the Day: Accidental Arrest

Earlier this week, “City Howl” went live. As far as we know, this is the only site in the country where citizens can post reviews of local government. The response has been tremendous. Already, we have more than 100 posts about dozens of city departments and agencies.

Everyday, we're going to try to bring you a great comment or review. Our “Howl of the Day” comes from user, who had a less-than-lovely experience with Philadelphia's finest.....

So while living in Northern Liberties (26th District) my truck was stolen from the parking lot of Bodine school at 4th and George Street. All my tools were taken and if you see a right angle drill at a flee market with the name “Cieri” on it, I suggest you buy it, it is almost new. So I reported it stolen and went out looking for it, a couple hours latter I found it around the corner at 5th and Berks. I called 9/11 and waited for the cop to come, he was there for about 5 minutes asked me if I could figure out how to drive it away- the steering column was hacked up- and told me I could drive it away, which I did.

A month latter I am driving on 95North at 730AM on my way to work when I get pulled over and arrested. Someone never reported the recovery of the truck and now I was going down for it. I was handcuffed and taken to the State Trooper barracks and my truck was towed. Over the next two hours the Troopers and Philly Detectives used a special Department of Homeland Security supercomputer to reach the conclusion that the guy who filled out the stolen vehicle report obviously didn’t steal the car (it is register in my dad’s name if you wondering about that). So I was let go with some sincere sympathies and a receipt for the $110 tow, which I had to pay in order to get my truck back.

The Troopers just kept saying, “typical Philly.” When I got to the 26th, they seemed baffled and finally gave up on figuring it out. One cop walked outside and filled out a report and gave it to me promising this would straighten everything out if I was pulled over again. I believe the report just said that my truck was recovered right then, at the police station- for sake of convenience. I asked about reimbursement for the tow and they said I could sue the city. I hope this doesn't turn me into one of those people who say ‘typical Philly.’

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