How bad does Philly need a clean up?

Here's another thing to be curious about from the mayor's budget proposal: In an editorial board meeting with the Daily News yesterday, Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler argued for the trash fee and the accompanying (very proportionally small) clean up plan by saying that the city really needs a clean up. Well, let's collect some evidence. Just how bad are things? Is your block trash-strewn?

Of course, a messy city isn't necessarily an argument for a new trash fee. But just as an exercise to see what's out there, send us your stories (in comments) and photos: We'll highlight the grossest streets on the blog.

Update: So maybe we should try to satisfy our curiousity on Google before putting up open-ended posts. As a reader pointed out, a site dedicated to this very idea already exists: Clean Up Philadelphia. They also have a Facebook page with galleries of spots around the city that could use a clean up, like this spot at 52nd and Market:

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