How Council (well, at least one member) is thinking about the school funding request

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, to the Philly Tribune:

“The superintendent and her finance person told us we needed $25 million for kindergarten and that they needed $50 million for Transpasses and that if they had that money they could move the rest and they wouldn’t need a tax increase,” said Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. “Those issues are resolved. So, the issues they said were important … those issues are resolved, and then all of a sudden it starts all over."

Of coure it's not this simple -- resolving the kindergarten issue just moved that budget gap somewhere else, and some transportation issues remain. But check out the story for a breakdown of where several council members are on the matter.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nutter is touring city schools today, discussing the impact of proposed cuts. He's tweeting about it.

UPDATE: Mayoral aide Luke Butler throwing down the gauntlet:

Wait, C/W Blackwell, the Chair of Council's Education Committee, is rallying with Big Soda against education funding? I don't understand.

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