He's baaack (maybe)

Earlier this week, while discussing gaming in Gettysburg we mentioned that this hasn't exactly been a good month for casino developers or their political allies.

There's one casino developer we seemingly haven't heard the last of, though. After backing out of a deal with Foxwoods, Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn said yesterday that he would be interested in bidding for Foxwoods' license, should it be revoked (via PhillyClout):

Steve Wynn had been in talks over Foxwoods since October.

"We backed out of the deal more than we backed out of Philadelphia," Wynn said. "It was that simple."

He also added that gaming in Philadelphia is "interesting and stimulating," which we can only assume means he thinks he can make money here. Unsurprisingly, Wynn said he likes the tax rate on recently-approved table games.

And now he may have his chance to get back in, as reported in today's DN:

The legal arm of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board initiated proceedings that could result in the revocation of the gaming license, held by Philadelphia Entertainment and Development Partners LP.

Yes, Wynn said he would be interested in Foxwoods' license, should it be revoked, just after the revocation announcement. If he does get back in, Wynn is going to enjoy sparring with Casino-Free Philadelphia even less than with Inquirer reporters.

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