Grade the Administration: Phil Goldsmith

This week, It's Our Money is asking various experts and advocates to grade the Nutter administration on its performance in the budget process -- it's handling of the process, and the quality of the budget it ultimately got, given the circumstances. Our first assessment comes from Phil Goldsmith of GoldsmithKahn Advisors. Goldsmith is the former Managing Director of the city (under John Street) and a former Daily News columnist.

Grade: A ... for now

Comments: Having decided to look for gold in the den if inequity in Harrisburg where snakes lie in wait, the Mayor did a masterful job of gradual escalation of the stakes involved, returning home with the booty he needed. For that he deserves an A. But serious financial conditions and challeges remain for the city, such as tackling reform issues like the BRT, ethics, taxes, education, union contracts, an antiquated charter and civil service system, zoning etc. While the near-term salavation of the city rested in the hands of Harrisburg, the long-term solution rests in the mayor's willingness and ability to walk the talk.