Grade the Administration: Report Card

For the past two weeks, It's Our Money has been asking various experts and advocates to grade the Nutter administration on its performance in the budget process. We may have one or two more grades coming in, but for the most part, the report card is finished, and the Daily News collects the grades in the paper today. The verdict: One A. Four Bs. One C. One D. One D-. One F, and an Incomplete. The rationales are all over the place, though the people who gave higher grades tended to appreciate the mayor's (eventual) success in Harrisburg. Several criticisms revolved around the lack of serious governmental reforms.

Go check out all the comments: Rev. Jesse Brown, Joe Hill, Karen Bojar, Tom Cronin, Christine Knapp, Adam Lang, Sharon Ward, Fatimah AliLarry Ceisler, Phil Goldsmith.

And tell us what grade you think the administration deserves in comments, please.

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