Membership fees for city pools?

Mayor Nutter just kind of threw this out there without explicitly endorsing the idea in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, so we thought we'd just throw it out here:

WSJ: Is there any way to make services more visible to people? Charge a little bit for some services, for instance, so that people know what they’re getting and where it comes from. Any other ways can you make services more visible so people know that their taxes are actually paying for?

Nutter: When I announced we were only going to open 10 of our 70 plus swimming pools a number of citizens suggested well why don’t you have a small fee, a membership or something like that? That helps crystallize the fact that we’re not taking in as much revenue as we need to pay for all the services that you want. When this kind of economic tornado hits us, it exposes the fact that you don’t have all the money you need to provide all the services you’ve been providing.

Via Clout.

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