Explaining the BRT ballot question

Via Clout, the Committee of Seventy has a helpful Q&A on its website about the Board of Revision of Taxes ballot question. Here's the question (the passage of which, Seventy says, is not guaranteed):

“Shall the Board of Revision of Taxes be abolished, and its powers, functions and duties be reassigned to a new Office of Property Assessment (with respect to the making of assessments) and to a Board of Property Assessment Appeals (with respect to appeals from such assessments), with the members of the Board appointed from nominations made by a Board of Property Assessment Appeals Nominating Panel?”

Here's Seventy's translation:

in a nutshell: The question asks voters to approve getting rid of the BRT and splitting its functions into two distinct parts: one office to determine property values (assessments), and a separate Board to hear assessment appeals.

See? Helpful! Much more in-depth explanation at the link.

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