Editorial: Show us the money

MAYOR NUTTER's proposals to tax sugary drinks and collect yearly fee for residential trash services have generated fierce debate. The administration says it welcomes other ideas for filling the budget gap. Naturally, that requires having the budget available for people to look at; we need that transparency even in good years.

Unless you visit the Municipal Services Building, you can't see the budget. As of Friday the city had yet to post budget detail online- despite that Nutter gave his budget address a month ago, and provided the information to City Council last week.

While the city may want to save money by printing fewer copies (last year's budget exceeded 1,000 pages), it's hard to fathom why it's still not online. City officials say that assembling budget detail for every city department is complicated, and the material will be available shortly.

But at a time the city is trying to attract high tech investments from the federal government and Google, its inability to post basic financial information is troubling.

We hope these potential partners don't visit Phila.gov. They might not find the answers they're looking for. *

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