DROP report is two months late

Ralph Cipriano wrote a cover story for City Paper in April arguing that the Deferred Retirement Option Plan is a ridiculous boondoggle that costs taxpayers lots of money. When he asked the mayor for comment on the story, he was told that the administration was waiting for the completion of an $80,000 study, being conducted at Boston College, on the impact of the program on city employees’ behavior. It was due in May.

How’s that going?

Something mysterious has happened to that DROP study, which has been under wraps for almost three months. The mayor's spokesman says officials are “still finalizing” it. Apparently, the mayor is giving Boston College's professors an “incomplete.”

Of course it’s possible that in the next couple of months, the administration will release the results of the study and, if they suggest the same things as Cipriano’s reporting (which includes a pro bono analysis by an actuary), begin fighting for the elimination of DROP. But in the meantime, we understand why Cipriano is penning angry op-eds.

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