DN: Maybe the Dad Vail isn't that innocent

Here's the DN's take on the whole Dad Vail leaving/Nutter dropping the ball thing:

Could the city have coughed up that money? Probably. But whether it should have is another question altogether. Dad Vail is one event among many; each one costs the city for trash pickup, security, and logisitics. There's also a cost of wear and tear by a few on public lands reserved for all. The city doesn't absorb these costs, and while there might be a persuasive argument for it, how could the city do that for one group and not others, like the Mummers? Or ethnic groups who want a parade? Besides, the actual cost that the Dad Vail event was charged was $50,000, so even if the city had picked up that tab, it'd still be $200,000 short of what Rumson was offering.

Didn't Dad Vail organizers owe a little more loyalty - if not courtesy to the city that hosted their event for over 50 years? Especially since, as their letter pointed out, spectator attendance has increased year after year. Before being enticed with the first big check, the organizers owed the city an earlier alert that it was having problems. The Dad Vail organizers also don't acknowledge that one reason their city costs rose is that they extended the event by a day.

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