DN: Gee, thanks, TWU!

(Kriston J. Bethel / Staff Photographer)

The Daily News doesn't like to get in the mix of contract talks, but has no qualms about criticizing the proces of a public sector negotiation. It doesn't much like the way the TWU handled itself in this one. It predicts a big "thank you" for TWU president Willie Brown from "the thousands of commuters who woke up yesterday morning to find out they had no way to get to work." And a few more Philadelphians who may want to thank Brown for the 3-a.m.-on-election-day-strike:

Another big thanks from the workers who don't get paid if they don't show up at work.

And from the workers who fret that their jobs are already vulnerable in a shaky economy without adding to the instability with a transit strike.

Don't forget the thanks from parents whose children will now have to figure out how to get to school, and if they can't get to school, who might be around to babysit them.

And from voters who woke up on Election Day to find out that they might not be able to exercise their civic duty by voting.

In a separate editorial, citizens are encouraged to cooperate our way through this thing. We've set up a special "Strike" page on City Howl for people to share ideas, plan carpools etc.

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