Council sets its sights on jobs, jobs, jobs

If City Council’s first meeting today was any indication, our lawmakers’ new agenda is going to be all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

Councilman Bill Green introduced legislation today that would require that all jobs created by certain city-funded projects and contracts be filled by local workers. 

Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. introduced a bill today that would expand the city's job-creation tax credit program.

“The Philadelphia home rule charter, which was written before outsourcing became a part of our vocabulary, already requires city residency for most city employees,” Green said in a statement. “It now makes sense to make expand the residency requirement.”

In a short speech at today's meeting, Green also said that creating jobs is a good way to improve public safety.

Councilman Wilson Goode Jr. also introduced a bill that would offer businesses a $5,000 tax credit for every new job created within the next two years. This would expand the city’s current job-creation tax credit program, which lets businesses claim a $1,000 tax credit for every new job created (so long as they create at least 25 jobs or expand employment by 20 percent within 5 years).

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