Council members move to delay school funding until union settlement

Yesterday, Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez introduced a resolution calling on the School Reform Commission to reach a settlement with the blue-collar union SEIU Local 32BJ District — or else Council will delay its decision on school funding.

The resolution, which 10 other Council members have signalled they support, also demands more funding from Harrisburg.

The scene from Wednesday's giant protest of the school district's plans.

Council is currently mulling Mayor Nutter's plan to give an additional $94 million to the school district while overhauling the city's property-tax system.

This follows a massive rally against the school district's proposals to restructure schools and potentially lay off thousands of blue-collar employees.

Sanchez's resolution isn't the only issue that could hold up the city's budget, which is supposed to be passed by June 1 (though the more crucial deadline is July 1).

Nutter needs state lawmakers to pass a bill allowing the city to adjust its millage rate, which is used to calculate property-tax bills. But they haven't yet, and some lawmakers have criticized Nutter's plan.

Next week should be pretty interesting.