Carl Greene talks, says his 'personal failings' have nothing to do with PHA. What??

Here's the most important thing Carl Greene said in his two interviews today, as we see it:

"Nobody said there's a connection between my personal failings and my PHA stewardship," Greene said.

It seems to us that this is an argument that might have worked had Greene delivered a timely explanation and kept coming to work after the initial revelations about his mortgage. That is not what happened. Greene stopped coming to work, didn't return calls to his bosses, and in the intervening days lots of questions have arisen about sexual harassment allegations and improper parties in Greene's honor. This is well past not being about PHA.

Of course, Greene denies those allegations. But the sexual harassment claims will need to be sorted out in court, and the parties ... well, they happened, and it certainly sounds like at least some of the attendees felt compelled to go. And then there's the field trip that happened on company time ...

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