Bye, Bye, BRT?

Mayor Nutter and City Council both released their plans to reform the city’s troubled Board of Revision of Taxes yesterday — though not without some sniping.

According to the Daily News, Bill Green, who is sponsoring the bill in Council, wants to split the BRT into two separate agencies by 2011: an Office of Property Assessment and a Board of Property Assessment Appeals.


The legislation — after some revisions — would have a five-member nominating panel composed of appointees of the mayor, the Council president and the Common Pleas president judge. They would select three candidates for every open spot on the new appeals board, and the mayor would appoint a member from that list, subject to Council approval.

Where Green and the mayor differ is in the status of BRT employees paid by the School District. Nutter wants to end that practice, but Green’s legislation doesn’t address it.

The fact that both sides are mostly in agreement didn’t stop a small fight from breaking out, through.

Green was upset that Nutter released his BRT wish-list to the press before talking to Council about it.

"I think it would have been nice for the mayor to share his foundational principles with Council before he released them publicly," Green told the Inquirer.

At least things never get boring.

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