Budget news round-up

The web is overflowing with stories and analysis about the city budget. Below are links to coverage from local outlets, national media, and the blogs.

It's Our Money: "The new Michael Nutter: No more 40 degree days"

Daily News:
Nutter vs. the unions, spiced up the budget address, and Jill Porter on the "people's budget."

WHYY: Unions are ready to fight, City Council is angry about cars, and how public input is reflected in the budget.

Inquirer: Pension proposal, lack of outrage over tax increases, resistance in Harrisburg, and more on the unions.

Local blogs: Citypaper sits down with Nutter, YPP supports the proposal, and MMP is against union concessions.

National press: NY Times on tax increases and Wall Street Journal on Nutter's plan to keep libraries open.