Bill Green lays out his plan for district funding

In a post over at Young Philly Politics, Councilman Bill Green lays out his vision for solving the school district funding problem. The crux of Green's message is that he believes the city can give the district more money without raising taxes. Here's what he envisions:

The Administration can generate $6M through increased on-street parking rates; $10M through reductions identified during budget hearings that will not impact services; and $30M through reducing the year-end fund balance, which is proposed to be $50M (by way of comparison, the fund balance levels in FY10-14 Five Year Plan approved by PICA were as follows: FY10 = $2.988M; FY11 = $10.960M; FY12 = $31.377M; FY13 = $10.633M; and FY14 = $79.797M) – a total of $46M.

Mayor Nutter favors the on-street parking rate measure but opposes the biggest move, taking $30 million from the fund balance.

Green also proposes the district find some money for key programs like school bus service, reduced class size and music and the arts by switching some of the priorities in its own budget.

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