Between a rock and a hard place on DROP

Tom McDonald asks whether Mayor Nutter might veto Council's legislation to reform, rather than eliminate, DROP, and offers a video of spokesman Mark McDonald saying that the mayor wants to end the program.

A veto no doubt sounds appealing to those who revile DROP -- it seems like a firm rebuke to Council. But there are complications with this plan. The first is that the DROP reform appears to have enough votes to override a mayoral veto: It passed Council 14-3, and Council only needs 12 to override. The second is that even if the mayor were to successfully veto DROP reform, the law would just revert back to the old DROP, which is more generous than the new one. A veto would have the opposite of its intended effect.

This is presumably why McDonald's emphasis in the video is on Nutter's plan to re-introduce legislation to eliminate DROP once a new Council comes into session next year.

Vetoing last week's sick pay bill, which Nutter also opposes, would not carry any of those complications: The bill only passed 9-8, and there's no law currently on the books for the city to revert back to.

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