Highway to Armageddon?

Infrastructure Armageddon will now commence. The federal government is preparing to reject the state’s request to toll Interstate 80, according to an post on the Patriot-News website, which cites two sources with knowledge of the application.

This move will cause a severe cut in infrastructure and public transit spending in the state — SEPTA has already said that it would have to cancel plans for a new City Hall station and a smart card system if its funding was cut.

"We're facing a transportation funding Armageddon here," State House Transportation chairman Joe Marasek said when asked a few weeks back what would happen if I-80 tolling efforts fail.

Now, we wait and see whether Gov. Rendell and the Legislature figure out an alternate plan during budget negotiations. But since tolling I-80 was Plan B (Rendell initially wanted to privatize the Turnkpike), expect a long summer.

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