Are things so bad in Harrisburg that the city might cut kindergarten?

Perhaps you've heard about the $4.5 million package Pa. is sending to Harrisburg to help it stave off a default on a major debt payment. That's a pretty sure sign times are tough in our capitol city. So is this:

Faced with a $6.8 million gap, Harrisburg School District Chief Operating Offficer Shawn Farr has proposed a series of dramatic cuts in programs, including the elimination of all kindergarten and pre-k classes next year and eliminating all district sports teams at the end of the fall season.

Apparently Harrisburg had budgeted for $7.1 million from the federal school funding competition, but then got only $300,000.

We don't know how real a possibility it is that this will come to pass, but our understanding is that early childhood education has a really, really big impact on eventual outcomes for students and it's pretty sad that an idea like this is even being floated.

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