Actually, the city accepts cash for a lot of things...

Just a quick note: Speaking about the case of a Dept. of Revenue supervisor who allegedly solicited a cash payment from a contractor, District Attorney Seth Williams made this statement:

"There is no public service that is provided by the City of Philadelphia where people are supposed to pay cash."

This is definitely wrong. Check out Anthony's January story on the forms of payment accepted by different city departments. The point of the story was that the city can do a lot better with the range of payment forms it accepts, but as you can see in the chart at the link, it does in fact accept cash for water bills, recording fees, pet licensing, health center services, fire alarm license fees and fines, probate fees, marriage licenses, city taxes, numerous court fees including bail, traffic tickets and child support, and gas bills. Basically, lots of stuff.

Hopefully not too many people will be confused by Williams' statement.

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