Will Ferrell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in indie bummer product placement collusion

Will Ferrell kicks back with his belongings in "Everything Must Go." Note the can of Pabst atop the styrofoam cooler.

Does Morgan Spurlock know about this? In POM Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, the documentarian dives deep into the world of media marketing and product placement, revealing how companies fork over big bucks to get their cars and computers, sunglasses and pomegranate beverages into the movies -- and into the hands of movie stars. But it’s hard to believe Pabst Blue Ribbon paid up to have Will Ferrell, as a lapsed AA-member whose just been fired and kicked out of his house, downing can after can of the all-American brew. And in Hesher, a wobbly indie about a menacing metal-head who invades a grieving family’s home and upends their lives, Joseph Gordon-Levitt likewise clings to a PBR as he gives a third-act eulogy laced with profanity and doom. Pabst Blue Ribbon, the beer of losers?