Top 10 ways to stay cool as the Earth melts

The Day the World Caught Fire

OK, global warming skeptics, how do you explain this? So, as Philadelphia’s streets start to burble and pop like the sizzling grills at Pat’s Steaks, here’s a list of the ten best ways to escape the heat – by heading to an AIR CONDITIONED movie theater!

13 Assassins Noble samurais contend with a sadistic lord in this beautiful, crazy Japanese romp.

Bridesmaids Kristen Wiig gets wiigy in this potty-mouthed, femme-centric comic wedding nightmare.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Dogged documentarian Werner Herzog explores a French cave where humankind’s first graffiti artists left their tags.

The Double Hour Tricky Italian neo-noir with a head-spinning twist. See it before Hollywood botches the remake.

Everything Must Go Will Ferrell surprises with some serious acting (and he’s still funny) in this smart adaptation of a Raymond Carver story about a guy who loses his job, his wife and his house all on the same day -- and drowns his sorrow in Pabst.

Fast Five The Vin Diesel-powered sequel heads for Rio, where high-speed heists ensue.

Kung Fu Panda 2 DreamWorks’ animation team work their CG magic, with wisecracking Jack Black and chopsocky action that’s almost as good as the fights in 13 Assassins (see above).  

Midnight in Paris Prolific Woody gets whimsical, with Owen Wilson wandering the rues and looking rueful, until he magically meets up with some Jazz Age luminaries.   And Marion Cotillard in fetching flapper couture.

Super 8 Director J.J. Abrams pays homage to Spielberg and The Goonies in this 1979-set mystery, in which a bunch of small-town , movie-obsessed kids stumble into an out-of-this-world adventure.

The Tree of Life Terrence Malick’s dreamy meditation on the meaning of it all. Brad Pitt leads with his chin, Jessica Chastain looks lovely, Sean Penn wonders what happened to his part. Transcendent, even if it’s transcendently nutty.