“The Illusionist’s” Oscar-nominated director champions 2-D, hand-drawn animation

This is from the production notes for The Illusionist, opening in Philly Friday, Jan. 21 -- and a movie everyone should see! Director Sylvain Chomet, who adapted Jacques Tati's final screenplay -- and whose Tour de France tour de farce The Triplets of Belleville, was nominated for best animated feature in 2004 (losing to Pixar’s computer-animated Finding Nemo) -- explains it like this:

“My insistence on hand-drawn 2-D graphics comes from the fact the technique gives a more ethereal charm to the art, ensuring the story is always a pleasure to behold, even during moments of inaction. The strength of 2-D in my opinion is it vibrates and it’s not perfect, just like reality, in fact. Imperfections are important when you are dealing with a story about human characters. It adds to the realism, makes it even more potent. And 2-D is created by humans. CGI is good for robots and toys, less [so] for humans. I want to see the work of an artist on the screen, not a machine whose visuals are too neat, shiny and clean. I prefer me and my pencil – not me with a laptop!”