Philadelphia Film Festival’s Locavore Menu

Philly school bus makeover!

Think local, act global, or think global, and act local – either way, Philadelphia Film Fest 21 has a rich program of homegrown movies on its slate.  Some have been made here, while others were shot elsewhere by folks who hail from these here parts. Among the titles in the “Greater Filmadelphia” section of the fest: Alaskaland, a coming-of-age story from Philly filmmaker Chinonye Chukwu; The Atomic States of America, local documentarians Don Argott and Sheena Joyce’s nuclear power expose; Detonator, a Philly-shot drama about a family man haunted by his punk past; From the Shadowa, an parental abduction documentary by area filmmakers Matt Antell and David Hearn; Future Weather, with Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan  and Perla Haney-Jardine, from Philadelphia writer/director Jenny Deller; La Camioneta: The Journey of One American School Bus, Mark Kendal’s doc about an old, auctioned Philadelphia school bus’ second life transporting the citizens of Quetzal City, Guatemala, and This Time Tomorrow, an apocalyptic love story set in Philadelphia, from director Shane Bissett.

Also locally connected: A Place at the Table, a haunting documentary about urban hunger executive-produced by Jeffrey Lurie and Christina Weiss Lurie, and featuring among its subjects Barbie Izquierdo, a determined single mother from Philadelphia.  

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