Paramount pushes Paranormal

Made for a reported $11,000 on hi-def, Paranormal Activity now has millions of dollars of Paramount activity behind it: the corporate version of a grass roots, street marketing campaign. Opening Friday, Oct. 2, in select cities, the film – by Oren Pelei – is being sold in part on a Paramount-engineered “Demand It” campaign where folks can go to a website and lobby to bring the spook-o-rama “reality” flick to their town.

Paranormal Activity is about a young couple (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) that move to a new house only to discover that it’s already inhabited by some sort of demonic entity. Last week, the pic was sneaked in thirteen markets, including State College, PA, to stir up buzz and get folks who live in real cities clamoring to see it. At last check, Philadelphia is 9th on the “Demand It” list (4,248 people are demanding it!), right behind San Francisco and in front of Atlanta.
There’s also a Facebook fan page, and a Twitter site that’s a’twitter with audience reactions. And there’s the blurb that’s guaranteed to bring in some business. The gore-fan site’s summation: “ONE OF THE SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME.”
Blair Witch, anyone?