New Restore-the-Roxy Kickstarter is raising big bucks

Imagine this: crystal clear digital projection, wraparound sound, plush seating, and a program of new  and repertory film fare to die for. That’s what Andrew Greenblatt and his cohorts at the Philadelphia Film Society have been imagining since they signed a deal to take over the two-screen Roxy Theater last fall.

And while the planned opening of the Sansom Street/Rittenhouse Square area venue is still months away, with lots of restoration and new equipment to be installed, things are looking good: Since March 1, when the PFS launched its “Restore the Roxy” Kickstarter  drive), more than $15,000 has been pledged. The goal is to reach $40,000 by month’s end.  That should be enough for new seats for both houses. And only another $600,000 is needed for other major Roxy projects, so get cracking!