More 'Get Him to the Greek' Craziness to Come

Get Him to the Greek, opening Friday, is another pushing-the-R-rating-envelope romp from the Judd Apatow factory (he produced), but raunch, it can be argued, is integral. This is, after all, a tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll – of a record company underling (Jonah Hill) ordered by his boss (Sean Combs) to fly to London and escort a stoned-out rock star (Russell Brand) back to L.A. for a big concert.

And like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the 2008 hit that introduced Brand’s addled Aldous Snow to the world, there was too much stuff to fit into the theatrical release. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD is famous for its wealth of outrageous extras, and Get Him to the Greek’s writer/director, Nicholas Stoller, promises even more stuff when the Greek DVD is released later on in the year.
“And it’s actually all really funny,” Stoller promises, “because sometimes extra scenes on DVDs are just bad. Like, why did you bother to even release this?”
Stoller says that he found “that anything that went away from the plotline of getting Russell to the Greek Theater I had to cut. It didn’t work…. So we have a ton of extra stuff that’s really funny. We had a whole sequence in a castle in England, where Rose Byrne’s character, Jackie, breaks up with Russell, and you see him fall off the wagon. We have a whole sequence in Central Park that will be in the extended cut of the movie, that’s amazing, I think. And there’s way more stuff in Las Vegas with P. Diddy and the guys.”
And that Central Park scene? “It’s right after Russell appears on The Today Show -- it’s the first real escalation of drug use, a coke-fueled jogging sequence. But at the end of the day, we decided it was one too many drug sequences in the movie.”