Melancholia redux: Indie wildman Abel Ferrara tries his hand at end-of-the-world sex and dread!

Reprinted as it came into the inbox, here’s a press release and photo announcing the imminent release of the Willem Dafoe/Shanyn Leigh downtown New York apocalyptic sex drama, from the fervent mind of Abel (Bad Lieutenant) Ferrara. Does Lars von Trier know about this?

How would we spend our final hours on Earth? And what does how we choose to die say about how we have chosen to live? In the inimitable Abel Ferrara's (GO GO TALES, KING OF NEW YORK) new film, this thought experiment takes on a visceral immediacy. With the planet on the verge of extinction, a New York couple, (Oscar-nominated Willem Dafoe and Shanyn Leigh), cycles through moments of anxiety, ecstacy and torpor. As they sink into the havens of sex and art, and Skype last goodbyes in a Lower East Side apartment filled with screens bearing tidings of doom and salvation, 4:44: LAST DAYS ON EARTH becomes one of Ferrara's most potent and intimate expressions of spiritual crisis. The first fiction feature of Ferrara's to be filmed entirely in New York in over a decade, 4:44 is a mournful valentine to his beloved city.