“Like Crazy’s” Felicity Jones causing trouble for married couple in new film

pearce jones ryan
Pearce, Jones, Ryan

Drake Doremus -- director of Like Crazy, the roller-coaster romance starring Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin -- has already made another film with his leading lady, the Oxford-educated Felicity Jones.  Here’s Doremus’ report, from an interview on the morning after Like Crazy kicked off the Philadelphia Film Festival.  “Scriptment” (see below) is what he terms his screenplays – a cross between a shooting script and a treatment.

“Felicity’s in my new film that I’m cutting right now,  just finished shooting.... this past summer. I don’t have a title yet, but it’s her and Guy Pearce and Amy Ryan.… A brand-new character for Felicity. Same process of collaboration, same thing, lots of improvisation. This time we worked from an 80-page `scriptment’ instead of [Like Crazy’s] 50-page one, but yeah….

“Guy and Amy play a married couple, and Felicity plays an exchange student who comes to stay with them, and it’s about this friendship and connection that boils up between this younger woman and this older man…. The film explores what these two characters go through and how they deal with those feelings.

“It’s a film about fidelity, it deals with really realizing who you are as a person and how to live your life and all that sort of stuff. In a way it’s a darker cousin to Like Crazy -- it retains a lot of the same integral core … while hopefully exploring a new notch, rung, of love and maturity.”