Four-legged actor pens Hollywood bio

“I had only heard good things about the French, even though I’d never met a human or animal from that distant European country,” writes the author of a just-out celebrity autobiography. “To start with, it was said that they loved their dogs so much that they frequently carried them around in their handbags and took them into fashionable restaurants to feed them foie gras (fancy chopped liver).”

Yes, you are reading from Uggie: My Story, the memoir of a Jack Russell terrier that just happened to star in last year’s five-time Academy Award-winning hit, The Artist. Although the black-and-white silent film’s star, Jean Dujardin, stole Oscar glory (Dujardin nabbed best actor, The Artist nabbed best picture), Uggie stole just about every scene he was in with his human counterparts, most of whom hailed from France.

So, no surprise, the canine got a book deal. As “barked to”  Wendy Holden, Uggie: My Story (Gallery Books, $15) is just in stores now, right there alongside  J.K. Rowling’s no-Harry-here novel and Fifty Shades of Gray, and although it’s kind of a joke, it’s also kind of not: the four-legged scribe details his training and casting travails, the challenges facing director Michel Hazanavicius as he tries to recreate the forgotten world of black-and-white silent cinema, and the responsibility Uggie felt in following such dynamic doggie stars as Rin Tin Tin and Lassie. And he has to kiss Reese Witherspoon on the lips at the White House correspondents dinner, too.