For Your Consideration: Oscar Nomination Notes

A Wiig-y smile for "Bridesmaid" Oscar nod.

No Adventures of Tintin in the animated feature field? Does this mean “performance capture” doesn’t really count as cartooning?… But John Williams, Steven Spielberg’s go-to music maestro, received a best original score nod for Tintin, and another for his work on Spielberg’s best picture nominee, War Horse!… Only two original songs contenders? One, the impossibly catchy “Man or Muppet,” comes from Flight of the Conchords’ genius musical parodist, Bret McKenzie. The other? “Real in Rio,” a Sergio Mendes ditty from the animated macaw movie, Rio.… Irony award goes to Michel Hazanavicius, nabbing an original screenplay nomination for his SILENT movie, The Artist. (OK, there are intertitle cards.)...  J. Edgar totally snubbed -- not even best makeup, probably because the aging effects on Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady were superior in every way to the crinkly gobs applied to Leonardo DiCaprio’s mug……. Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris lands four Oscar noms, including best picture and director. His biggest film ever, released last summer, and it’s still going strong!…. Kristen Wiig gets Oscar cred for co-writing Bridesmaids, the femme buddy/bodily-function matrimonial farce. To quote Maya Rudolph’s character: “Why can’t you be happy for me and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?”

Trivia note: the last silent film to be nominated for best picture? The Patriot, Ernst Lubitsch, 1928.