'Filadelfia' Latin American Film Festival

From "Found Memories"

A week without a film festival? Happily, in Philadelphia, that doesn’t seem possible. The first Filadelfia Latin American Film Festival is set to kick off Friday, April 13, with a screening of Found Memories, to be held at International House, 3701 Chestnut Street in University City.

From Brazilian writer/director Julia Murat (daughter of acclaimed writer/director Lúcia Murat ), the feature debut is set in a Brazillian village at the base of a mountain, into which wanders a young photographer (Lisa Fávero) who asks questions, talks with strangers, and settles in for an exploration of the magical and the mundane. (The Portugese title for Murat’s film is Historias que so existem quando lembradas, roughly translated as "Stories remembered that only exist when.")  

The evening’s program also includes a pre-screening reception and post-screening discussion led by Julia Solomonoff, one of the film's producers, and an after-party. For ticket info and details, and for future Filadelfia Latin American Film Festival programs, check out www.flaff.org