Critic's Pick: Online Movie of the Week!

Introducing a new weekly feature on my On Movies Online blog: a pick of one of the best new films to be found on the Web. Herewith:

Guy Maddin, the retro surrealist filmmaker from the far side of the 49th parallel (he’s Canadian), has a beautiful new black-and-white fantasy piece of Winnipeg whimsy up and running on the National Film Board of Canada’s website. The short is called “Night Mayor,” and it purports to be about – and to be narrated by – one Nahid Ademi, a Bosnian who emigrated to Canada in the 1930s and who somehow harnessed the power of the Aurora Borealis, converting its energy into television signals and broadcasting images across the land. (In fact, the fictitious Ademi is played by the real Ademi, a Winnipeg photographer and Maddin pal.)
Gorgeous, goofy, funny, harmonic, “Night Mayor” is another oddball gem from Maddin, the director of such radiant fare as Tales from the Gimli Hospital (1988), Careful (1992)and The Saddest Music In the World (2003, with Isabella Rossellini).
This is Maddin’s quip about the new online venue for his film, from an NFB press release: “I thought `Night Mayor’ could unspool luminously and infinitely in its own enchanted, and frequently visited, corner of cyberspace. Now, if only I could get my films on radio and Telex I'd really be set!”