Cosmo and Uggie Mug for the Hollywood Cameras

Scene- stealing Jack Russells Cosmo and Uggie, co-stars, respectively, of the Golden Globe-winning Beginners (Christopher Plummer for best supporting actor) and the Golden Globe-winning The Artist (best film – comedy or musical, best actor (Jean Dujardin) and best score), showed up for a Hollywood Reporter photo shoot earlier this week. Both dogs are more than just cute canines in their films – they emote mightily, they interact with their human counterparts, and they do their own stunts.

In the new bestseller Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend, author Susan Orlean recounts how the very first acting Oscar, in 1929, almost went to the German shepherd superstar of Silent Cinema. But at the last minute, the Academy board made a rule that only humans could be eligible for the acting prizes. Maybe it’s time to rethink the policy. Cosmo and Uggie are essential characters in the respective stories, and it’s impossible to imagine either Beginners or The Artist without ’em.

Here’s a video of the Hollywood Reporter photo shoot: