Classic Philly noir, The Burglar, and other David Goodis titles, screen Friday on TCM

It’s dark, it’s gritty, and it was shot in Philly -- and Atlantic City. The Burglar, the mid-‘50s film noir with a screenplay by the great David Goodis, directed by Paul Wendkos and produced by Louis W. Kellman, screens Friday at 11:30pm on Turner Classic Movies, part of the cable channel’s “Friday Spotlight on Noir Writers” series. (Dark Passage, Nightfall and Shoot the Piano Player – three other adaptations of books by the Philly-bred pulp scribe -- also screen.) 

In The Burglar, Dan Duryea leads a gang who heist a valuable necklace from a wealthy spiritualist. Jayne Mansfield is the moll who cases the old woman’s mansion, reporting back to Duryea and his crew. Things go bad, as these things often do, with a deadly denouement in Atlantic City. Locations include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Logan’s Circle, Independence Square and the Atlantic City Steel Pier. Shot in 1955, the film wasn’t released until 1957, capitalizing in on Mansfield’s sex symbol ascension.