“Captain America,” the latest Marvel Comics movie hit, is secretly a rip-off!

With its straight-arrow patriotism and retro vibe, Captain America: The First Avenger scored super-powered numbers its opening weekend:  $65.1 million on approximately 7,100 screens at 3,715 locations, according to Box Office Mojo, the industry numbers tracker. That’s a mighty return for a film with no A-list stars (Chris Evans IS Steve Rogers!), and far mightier than the other Joe Johnston-directed movie about a Nazi-fighting superhero who first sprung from the pages of a comic. That would be The Rocketeer, the 1991 adaptation of the beautiful Dave Stevens-scripted-and-illustrated book. It didn’t fare well at all when first released, but the Disney-backed pic looks pretty good now. Billy Campbell, last seen on AMC’s The Killing, stars as the jet-pack-powered, helmeted hero, Jennifer Connelly is his Bettie Page-like muse, and Alan Arkin, Timothy Dalton and Paul Sorvino co-star. Check the original trailer right here.