Nominate your heroes!

By One Step Away’s editorial board

One of the most rewarding things about publishing One Step Away is that we’ve heard, and tried to tell, so many stories about people in our community doing amazing work. There are heroes among us, living right next door, changing the world every day in ways large and small, with little fanfare and few thanks.

That’s why we began the Steppy Awards, to recognize people working to end homelessness and make the world around them a better place, bit by little bit.

This year we’ll be presenting the fourth annual Steppy Awards to the people among us who are working every day as heroes for the homeless and for people in need.

One Step Away is Philadelphia’s street newspaper, produced and distributed by people experiencing homelessness. The vendors you see on the streets of our city use the income they earn working with One Step Away to attain their own housing and make strides toward self-sufficiency. Working with One Step Away is the only source of income for 73 percent of our vendor corps, and 82 percent of our vendors have achieved or maintained housing with their income.

One Step Away is published monthly by Resources for Human Development, a national human services nonprofit, and serves as a voice of advocacy for a population that struggles with homelessness and poverty. Next month that voice would like to recognize those in our community who are truly making a difference.

Please tell us who you think deserves special recognition this year - from the recognizable names to some that probably aren’t as well known. You can make a nomination on our Facebook page at, or email us at Please include a paragraph or two explaining your nomination deserves to be recognized as a hero in the fight to end homelessness.

And we’ll let people know that even in tough times, great things are possible – and they’re happening every day.